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Lesson in Life [lyric music video]

“Lessons In Life,” the hit single from Todd’s album of the same name, is a song about growing through life. The title song was co-written by Schroeder and his collaborative musical partner of over 20 years, Sam Harris. Of the title track, Schroeder states “I have learned so many lessons because of so many teachers. All the lessons, good or not so good, have helped shape the man, the father, the husband, the friend, and the artist that I am. These lessons are universal and apply to all of us as we manage our journey through life.” The song was initially inspired by a moment in which Schroeder was walking his daughters to school, and one of them was showing her dad how she could walk backwards. After a few steps, Schroeder’s daughter tripped. Schroeder told her, “Remember, it’s more important to look where you are going than where you have been.” A song was born later that day when Schroeder returned home, immediately went into his studio, sat in front of his piano and started writing the song.  The lyric music video for this song, released August 2015, was produced by Todd’s management company, VTM.